ChatOps Overview :

Going Beyond Basic Conversations

Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Flock are just a few of the many chat platforms businesses have adopted over the past few decades. These chat platforms allow for easier collaboration and communication between coworkers. Now imagine there was a platform that facilitated more collaboration and more communication between coworkers.

ChatOps Overview: Going Beyond Basic Conversations

With the ability to deploy tasks, answer queries with a bot, and utilize chat capabilities, ChatOps is the newest communication engine on the block that takes communication and collaboration up a notch. This ChatOps overview will explain what ChatOps is. It will also discuss why your business needs the functionality that ChatOps brings to the workplace. 


ChatOps Overview: Definition & Case Studies 

ChatOps is a technology that allows you to work simultaneously with your coworkers in a collaborative manner. People, automation, processing operation and tools all come together to make an efficient and effective workspace. A few case studies of HOW ChatOps works is the best way to explain what ChatOps is and how beneficial it can be for businesses.  


ChatOps Overview: Study A   

You are working on a project and need a certain set of data. You can ask the internal bot to pull up that information, which the bot will do. However, you have asked Bot to perform this task within the ChatOps world. This means all your coworkers can and will see the command.  Let’s pretend that your coworker is the one who assembled the data.  They can see that you are inquiring about it. Within the platform, they are able to answer questions you may have or supply you with more data that isn’t in the report Bot brought up.  


ChatOps Overview: Study B  

You are working on a project and have a problem.  Your first step is to start troubleshooting the issue.  You can ask the ChatOps bot to bring up items that would help you with your issue.  A co-worker can see what you have queried the bot and offer assistance if they have had a similar problem, or if they know how to help you.  This can save you the time it would have taken you to fix the problem on your own.  


ChatOps Overview: Study C 

You work for a bank. You have a repeat question that your customers ask regularly.  With ChatOps, you can automate the bot to respond, saving your employees time and freeing them to provide excellent customer service to others.  

These are just a few examples of the many uses for ChatOps in the workplace. Not mentioned in the above case studies are the capabilities of automating IoT (internet of things) devices.  Lights, temperature, alarms and so much more can be controlled through automated tasks within ChatOps. 


ChatOps Overview: How it Works 

Below, this ChatOps overview will discuss how the technology works so that you have a better understanding of what to expect when implementing ChatOps into your communications.  



Incorporated into every ChatOps is a bot. This bot is a conversational AI created to decipher and respond to human language, and all the variations that can entail.  Conversational AI is supported by machine learning and natural language processing so that it can adapt and improve over time.


System Integration 

System Integration is a term used to describe when sub systems connect to become one large system. When several systems come together as one, new functionality arises. Through ChatOps and the IoT, you can integrate your connected devices to your systems. These devices can then send alerts and notifications that can trigger automated tasks.  

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ChatOps Overview: Why You Need it 

Now that this ChatOps overview has explained what it is and how it works, it is important to understand the benefits ChatOps brings to the work environment. This technology is only going to improve. As people demand more convenience from their IoT devices the capabilities will continue to grow.



ChatOps creates a collaborative and helpful environment in the workplace, which can lead to a cultural change. With the whole team utilizing the same platform at the same time, coworkers have the capability to contribute and help team members in a faster manner, thanks to automatic triggers keeping everyone in the loop.  



While collaboration and communication are key features of ChatOps, there are other features that are also beneficial. When utilizing the platform, an archive is automatically created. All the commands, responses and actions are saved, and can be referenced in the future. When coworkers are all on the same platform, and an archive is actively being added to constantly, the transparency and sense of community is increased.  



As your archive becomes more extensive, you can analyze commands and queries.  Through this analysis, you can deploy automated tasks for common issues. Once automation takes over these tasks, your employees can focus on other pressing issues. Not only can ChatOps automate human responses, but also device driven tasks. E.g., through analysis of outdoor sensors, the platform will adjust the thermostat to regulate indoor temperatures.  


In-App Chat Enabling ChatOps 

In-App Chat enables you to build your perfect chat solution on android, IOS and javascript operating systems. It’s highly customizable nature allows for your business to build in all of the features and functionality needed to make your conversations better.

Whether you’re looking for a peer-to-peer solution or a ChatOps capable tool as discussed in this ChatOps overview, In-App Chat has you covered. Contact us today to learn more about building up your communications and getting your application off the ground quicker with In-App Chat! 


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