Choosing The Best Conversational AI Platforms

Conversational AI platforms are taking the business world by storm. In fact 80% of businesses were hoping to have basic chatbots by the end of 2020. Many businesses are seeing customer service benefits and business boosting possibilities offered by adding conversational AI to your business.

Choosing The Best Conversational AI Platforms

But what exactly are conversational AI platforms and what are some features you should look for if you want to add this to your business? Read on to learn more about conversational AI platforms. 

What Are Conversational AI Platforms? 

Conversational AI platforms use Natural Language Processing (or NLP) and Natural Language Understanding with speech generation to communicate with humans. Among other things, conversational AI platforms are regularly being used by businesses to automate customer service. Additionally, they can increase customer engagement and improve human-computer interactions, thanks to their ability to learn and adapt language.  

Features of Good Conversational AI Platforms 

A good conversational AI platform needs to have certain features to properly support your business and your customers. While there are many aspects of a great conversational AI platform, we have chosen these four features to be of utmost importance.  

  • Conversational – The best conversational AI platforms can respond and ask questions similar to the way that humans speak to each other. On the contrary, traditional chat bots are missing this “human-like” aspect.  
  • Control – Built-in control over machine learning is paramount to the applications performing appropriately.  
  • Hybrid – A great conversational AI platform combines machine learning with linguistics in order to best serve the customers.
  • Personalization – A learning conversational AI platform gives a lot of value to a business. When the encounter is personalized to the customer, customer service increases.  

This technology uses past encounters and current interactions to provide customers with the most accurate information available, even if they are asking questions using different language than was initially programmed for responses. 

Business Use Cases 

Businesses are starting to take advantage of the benefits of incorporating conversational AI platforms into their work environment. They help increase customer service, customer acquisition and customer retention. Additionally, if used correctly, these platforms can even generate leads and drive sales.  In this section, we will look into specific business use cases.                                                

Customer Service 

One of the most frustrating issues for a customer is to have opposite schedules of a business. When you have a customer service issue, you want to speak to a representative. This can be very difficult when you work odd hours. This is where conversational AI platforms can be real problem solvers. For example, with the ability to function 24/7, your customers can resolve their problems at any time of day.  

Lead Generation and Lead Conversion 

Conversational AI platforms can utilize chatbots to interact with website visitors. These chatbots can direct these potential customers to products, services, and pages on your website. The chatbots are also very good at recommending additional products to enhance current selections, or upselling products. They also can offer discounts and promotions, turning possible leads into customers. 

Not only are conversational AI platform chatbots great for sales, but they can also help gain leads. They can collect email addresses and schedule appointments 24/7. Finally, once the AI has done its job, it’s time for your sales team to reach out and make those conversions.  

Customer Feedback 

Conversational AI platforms are great for collecting customer feedback.  It’s as simple as programing the chatbot to ask for feedback after automated conversations. For this reason, you can use this information to improve your offerings.  

Feedback collected from your platforms can also let you know if you have an area of your business that is a pain point for your customers. Any challenges or complaints can be addressed quickly when analyzing customer feedback. 

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Get Started With Conversational AI Today 

Chatbots are truly becoming a vital tool to any business thanks to the advancements of conversational AI, and at In-App Chat we want to help your business profit from this technology! 

At In-App Chat we supply you with the tools you need to build your very own chat platform and start having conversations faster! Whether you’re looking to improve customer service with a chatbot, chat peer-to-peer, or even develop a ChatOps solution that allows for machine-to-machine commands, we can help! 

Reach out today to get the chat APIs & SDKs you need! 

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