IoT Technology for a More

Connected World

Think of your favorite futuristic movie or television show.  In that show, there is more than likely a lead character that talks to some sort of artificial intelligence (AI). In the Marvel universe, Iron Man talks to Jarvis and Friday, and Star Trek has a number of AI examples.

IoT Technology for a More Connected World

Even the Jetsons got to deal with AI built into their robot maid, Rosie. While these characters are a bit far off, the IoT technology behind them are present in the here and now. What was once fictional AI, is now coming to fruition. This is all possible thanks to the internet of things (IoT) technology that people use every day. Read on to learn more about IoT and the benefits of implementing IoT technology into your business.

IoT Technology Definition

IoT technology is the advancement in computer machinery and programming that enables several internet-enabled devices to connect and communicate with each other.  Or, as states, IoT is increasingly defined as objects that talk to each other through the internet.  IoT has become integrated into our daily lives in many ways. From the things we do, to the items of clothes and accessories we wear.


In The Home

The list of IoT devices grows longer every day.  In your home alone, there are many opportunities for IoT devices to be present.  Some examples include smartwatches and fitness trackers, door locks, security systems, refrigerators, and scales, just to name a few.  If the word “smart” is part of the description, you can assume IoT technology is incorporated into the device.

We would be amiss if we did not mention Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home. These leading home IoT devices are taking the nation by storm. Amazon, Google, and other additional companies use this solution to turn everything from home lights and thermostats to light fixtures and security systems into IoT devices. Moreover, your digital home assistant will control more electrical devices as you continue to incorporate more IoT devices into your home.


In The Office

As with homes, businesses also have the opportunity to integrate this solution into the office. In the same way as homes, lights and outlets can be automated. Additionally, you can even go as far as climate control and security systems, to name just a few.

While the automation of physical things and devices are a valuable piece of IoT, an even more important aspect of IoT for businesses is the possibility of inserting the technology into business communications platforms. When you integrate IoT with conversational AI, you get a new form of technology called ChatOps. With ChatOps in place, your devices don’t just talk to each other. Additionally, your employees can talk to devices, as well as other employees all on the same platform. This streamlined tech can automate your devices, and will create new automation over time, creating a smarter IoT technology that evolves to better meet your business needs.

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Build Your IoT Technology Ecosystem with In-App Chat

In-App Chat is on the cutting edge of IoT technology integration, bringing you the best options in chat functionality. In-App Chat incorporates IoT into your computing and physical devices giving your business the most cohesive environment possible. With your employees working together with IoT devices, you will create a positive culture change that encourages collaboration and communication. As your business culture changes, your employees will become more efficient and effective.

Contact us today to increase your bottom line through the incorporation of In-App Chat.  In-App Chat has all the features your business needs to get going faster while opening the lines of communication between coworkers.


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